About Me

Hi...I'm Julie!

I am a Southern girl, raised in Mississippi, but now traveling full-time with my family across the globe (check out our Worldschooling Instagram @wild4living if you'd like to see where we are at the moment!) . I have been an artist and photographer since I can remember, always composing pictures in my mind. I studied film photography and fine art at Belhaven University, in Jackson, Mississippi.

I have a fantastic husband and two gorgeous little girls that inspire everything I do. I love to tell stories and really SEE people. What you may find ordinary and mundane in your day, I find artful and beautiful. Those little moments...just making breakfast, having a conversation about what the kids learned in school that day, gardening in the back yard.... those are the moments I love to capture. Those are the moments that make your life....well... YOUR LIFE!

I desperately miss fried catfish and hush puppies.  My oldest daugher is named after my favorite artist, Andrew Wyeth, and...... I want to retire to Siena, Italy one day. I have a very strange anxiety around talking on the phone, a phobia of birds and a weakness for anything involving sugar.

Also..I'm not afraid to make a complete fool out of myself in public, if it means I get a GREAT photo out of someone. :)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my little corner of the world for a bit!

XO, Julie


*Amazing photo of my family, courtesy of the wonderful Marla Cyree of www.simply-splendid.com!